Mariah Carey fails to wear Beyoncé's gifted 'Ivy Park' package.

Most celebrities that receive an 'Ivy Park' PR box from Beyoncé wear the clothes and post their fit on social media. Mariah Carey said, "nope, I'm not doing that!" 

Instead, she got her mini-me Monroe to advertise Bey's newest Drip 2 collection for social media. With MC's Christmas catalogue beginning to shift itself back onto the charts again, Mimi could have used the moment to promote and go viral and do something un-Mariah-like. Remember when she shared a pic of herself "working out" in high heeled pumps sent to her from Rihanna's Puma line? A clip of herself wearing Beyoncé's clobber while jogging in slow motion (or twerking a little for sh*ts & giggles) would have been epic!


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mimi said...

I think it was adorable. She plays it as she wants to. She has every right to do so.

HBF82 said...

Honestly, that clothes fit more Monroe's age than Mariah's. And most of all Toya, Mariah is not the most celebrities, she is music royalty and can do as she is pleased.

Toya said...

Of course she can. I was just being my cantankerous usual self. Ignore me. :/

Anonymous said...

Beyoncé knew Mariah was not putting on no damn athleisure wear. She was just making sure her friend got a box!

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