Monica | 'Trenches' | New music video.

Monica is riding for her people in new video 'Trenches.' It’s been several months since Monica premiered the track. 

A video was long overdue. It should have dropped right after the buzz surrounding her record-breaking episode of Verzuz with Brandy. An opportunity completely wasted. 

Dropping a few hours ago, the visuals feature a guest appearance from her alter-ego, Goonica. For her upcoming album 'Trenches', Monica is releasing it under her own independent label imprint Mondeenise Music, Inc due next year.


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Lauryn said...

I am #TeamMo but this is such a waste. I just don't get it. Besides the fact that the track had no impact, the video is wayyyy too late and not that interesting. The Goonica concept is random and not neccesary. I kinda hoped she would rap on this version as Goonica, but no. Please come again Mo!

She looks amazing as always though said...

Monica has been in the game too long, and she still has no iconic songs. This hood rat vibe she is on is not doing it for me. I have all her albums, and I’m sure this one is going to fall in line like Code Red...unbearable and unlistenable. She truly is not an indie artist and needs a good team to help her with her song choices and selections.

Sadie said...

The boy is mine & angel of mine are totally iconic so miss me with that mess.

Toya said...

I see what is meant by her having no iconic songs. She sure has loads of classics though (found on her debut and sophomore projects). It's probably because none of her songs were a MOVEMENT like Britney's 'Baby One More Time' or Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies,' which would be deemed as iconic.

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