Normani for 'Women’s Health' | Discusses forthcoming album.

Normani, the cover star for this month's Women's Health, has literally gone back and forth with this same quote (in different variations.) 

It's a case of debut album jitters and having anxiety over delivering a successful album both accepted and embraced by urban AND pop audiences.

“For a long time, I was stressed out about checking boxes like, ‘Is this Black enough? Is this pop enough?’ But music started feeling way better when I just went into the studio with the mentality of being Normani.”
 - Normani on discussing her anticipated debut album in Women's Health


Lauryn said...

She's gorgeous, but she should have taken advantage of her momentum with Motivation. If she's not careful she'll be known as the Fenty model...

I'm rooting for her. If the material is right, she can be as big as she wants.