Samantha Mumba | 'Cool' | New Music ♫♫

After 20 years, Samantha Mumba is preparing to release another album having dropped lead single 'Cool' earlier today. 

It carries a Dawn Richard-esque vibe, and while she probably wanted to go for something more edgy, "experimental" and "otherwordly," this itself is a bit messy and doesn't fully come together. Girl, we want those pop bangers!


Mymy said...

I think it’s a good song but not a BOP! ThE chorus part should be smoothed out a little more and the beAT could go harder.

Mecha-Boy said...

It does sound like a not fully thought Dawn Richard track. I like this direction, though; it compliments her voice well, and taking risk after a ong hiatus is always a good idea in my book :D