Ashanti tests positive for Covid-19. Verzuz with Keyshia postponed. Yikes.

In what has to be the biggest disappointment of the night, Ashanti and Keyshia Cole's Verzuz battle has been postponed to January 9th.

That's right, pushed back by almost a MONTH, prior to Ashanti testing positive for Covid-19. Over the last few weeks, Ashanti has been globetrotting in the middle of a pandemic and was in Africa as recently as a week ago (after just leaving the Caribbean). 

This would not have given her enough time to quarantine once returning to the States. She is all too aware that folks are blaming this trip for the positive diagnosis, and even REBUKES it. Ashanti was up on Instagram Live coughing all through it and snotting her way through explanations. She told fans that the travelling had nothing to do with the situation, and apparently she caught it off a family member she hugged while in her home. She reveals that the folks in Kenya all tested negative.

Ashanti was trying to figure out how to still do the ‘Verzuz’ battle from home and wanted to still go ahead with it. She said she’s been on the phone with Apple from late last night, but they were concerned about the technical quality. If she had her way, we would all have had a blast tonight with our drinks and snacks. For her, it would have been about the fun and appreciation of a nostalgic past and good music. 

Keyshia had other ideas and pushed for the postponement. For her this was all about making coin. You know she was secretly livid, because she was planning to premiere new music off her eighth studio album. Tonight was all about promotion, as she was well aware this Verzuz would have attracted major viewership. Ashanti was down for doing it in their homes the old fashioned way. Sh*tty internet connections aside, there really wasn't any reason why this couldn't have been done. 

The original concept of Verzuz was a home set-up due to everyone being in quarantine or lockdown in the first place! But they had to bring in Apple and other money hungry sponsors. What was once an organic, fun, and authentic virtual celebration has now turned into a very controlled and corporate profiting production with elaborate, expensive sets and crews. Organisers got GREEDY. And this is why the Verzuz didn't take place tonight. Here's hoping Ashanti has a full speedy recovery.


BoiNice said...

Why da hell was she "globetrotting" during pandemic in da 1st place


Imma just say this new , refresh, say it like it is , call a duck a duck vibes I’m getting is refreshing . I AGREE on all of this! I do feel this falls on Ashanti . She dropped the ball. She was definitely in KEYNA taking videos in flowers that matched her shirt ... I was thinking how she gonna be ready by Saturday? And even if she didn’t test positive she technically still couldn’t do it. Cause she’d need to quarantine. So it’s a big mess! She fucked up the churches money .... smh

Toya said...

Yep ^^^