Azealia Banks mocks FKA twigs, accusing her of money grabbing.

Doesn't she know when to stop? This time, Azealia Banks takes aim at FKA Twigs for filing a domestic abuse and sexual assault lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend Shia LaBeouf. 

Banks took to Instagram Stories to fire shots at FKA for attempting a money grab from the 'Transformers' actor, even posting a cry laughing emoji beside her warped up viewpoint. 

It was only two years ago that Banks had set up a crowdsourcing page to fund a lawsuit against Russell Crowe for allegedly calling her the n-word, choking her and also spitting on her too. She very well knows what it's like to be physically abused and it wasn't funny being humiliated back then, so to see her mocking another woman's experience with abuse is... well it's Banks... so not so shocking I guess. This woman needs to keep her unwanted opinions to herself.

The attacks continued in a few audio messages as well:


Mymy said...

It’s an act of trauma. She is doing what ppl did to her. She needs help.