Jesy Nelson LEAVES Little Mix permanently; Beginning of the end?

In news that many of us saw coming, Jesy Nelson has officially left Little Mix, choosing to put her mental health first. 

The missed appearances and break announcement was pretty much the beginning of the end for Jesy's time in the band. The bullying she received over the past 9 years and negative comments about her looks and physical appearance didn't help, neither did being around three band members who were more petite and conventionally attractive. 

She said in her BBC documentary that she attempted suicide due to all the scrutiny. 
This decision wasn't taken lightly, considering how close the group was. It's a shame they won't hit their 10-year anniversary as 4 members but her mental health is a priority. I also think this year of lockdowns and enjoying the luxury of not working under all that pressure totally opened up her eyes about how unhappy she truly was. 

Hopefully, she has a great support system, as she's suffered so much in the public eye. 
Jesy has been struggling with mental health issues for the longest time now, even when they were competing on The X Factor a decade ago. During those times, she has always been very self conscious about her body image. 

I give this group five more years... if that (very few 
groups survive without the original line up). As talented as they are, they are all pushing 30 and they are going to want to settle down eventually and have kids. It will be increasingly hard to tour globally once that happens. I mean, Leigh-Ann is about to get married soon and she's already branching out into acting. 

Don't be surprised if they announce a hiatus that they never come back from. Pretty much like when their male counterparts One Direction announced a break after Zayn left. Little Mix won't be the same, and good luck to Jesy. I hope she finds peace and happiness. She'll be loved and missed.

In case you missed it, the girls performed 'Break Up Song' on Strictly Come Dancing over the weekend:

The official announcements: