Ciara: New music coming in “near near future.”

One thing about Ciara is that she stays booked and busy. At this point, does she need to release albums any more? 'Beauty Marks,' her first independent release, was literally a sinking ship last year.  

But that hasn't deterred Ciara from heading back to the studio four months after giving birth to her son, Win. The mother of three is back in the studio recording her second independent studio album. She tells ABC Audio that she's "excited" new music is coming "in the near, near future." She reveals that she "can't wait to share it with the world." Ciara is also hosting Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve for the fourth time, and recently released a duo fragrance with her husband Russell Wilson. She certainly isn't hurting for coins, that's for sure.


Sven said...

Yay! I always thought she was so under-rated! Been a fan of her and her music since Goodies and 1,2 step, and I really liked the music she released since. Sure, not everything, but there were a lot of good songs! I'm excited to hear new songs!

Anonymous said...

She is hit and miss. She has some bops and parts of her albums have been good, but the problem with her isbthat she thinks she could sing. And so she puts those ballads on her albums and they are not cute ballads, but ballads for singers, which she clearly isnt. said...

I am actually here for Ciara. I agree she can be a hot or miss. I need her to have a consistent album and for the love of me have someone else choose her singles. She sleeps on so many potential hits, especially the pop and crossover songs.

For the comment about her ballads meant for those that can actually sing. I actually like Ciaras slow jams. Sorry, So Hard, And I, Promise, etc. she is no powerhouse singer but when she stays in her element and vocal range she does well. I compare her to Mya. Mya’s debut album was cringe worthy on the ballads and slow jams. On her last couple of albums, I sometimes have to check to see if it is really her singing. Compare My First Night (debut album) to If Tomorrow Never Comes (TKO album). With Ciara, I can see her vocals growing with each album.