FKA twigs sues Shia LaBeouf for “relentless abuse.” Scumbag apologises.

FKA twigs
suing her ex-boyfriend Shia LaBeouf for allegedly physically, emotionally, and mentally abusing her many times during their short-lived relationship. 

In the lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, the singer accuses her ex of “relentless abuse,” including sexual battery, assault, and infliction of emotional distress, even claiming the actor knowingly gave her a sexually transmitted disease last year. Twigs claims he slammed her against a car, strangled her, pulled out a pistol, and would count how many times she kissed him a day. The allegations have prompted LaBeouf to acknowledge his struggles with PTSD and alcoholism, while seemingly apologizing for his past abusive behaviours towards Twigs and other women. 

It's rare someone will admit to their abusive ways, but he's
still a piece of sh*t and this excuses nothing. This so called apology reads like a bullsh*t statement, victimising himself in an attempt to rehabilitate his public image. Perhaps so that he doesn't lose jobs like Johnny Depp? Wishing the best for FKA Twigs and hoping she gets the therapy she needs. 
LaBeouf on the other hand, can rot in hell.