Leona Lewis is going on tour... as a SUPPORT act.

This should actually be a crime! Leona Lewis will serve as Gary Barlow's support act next year as part of his 'Music Played By Humans' tour. 

The tour will kick off next November. Information on ticket availability can be found here, as the tour was delayed from it's original June date thanks to the pandemic. 

At the height of her 14-year career, Leona has never had issues headlining her own tours. Therefore, this announcement has left fans baffled as to why she has confined herself to being a support act to a singer originating from a washed up 90s boyband. Can you imagine Beyoncé becoming a support act for Omarion? Seems this pandemic really has folks falling on hard times.  


Tour dates:


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Nathaniel said...

Although it seems miss matched let’s not underestimate how big Take That were, not only the 90’s their comeback tours were huge. Yes Leona was also huge at one point but it was very short lived in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Beyoncé for Omarion �� Let's be real, Gary Barlow is bigger than Leona. She had a good 3-4 year run in her 14 years, but is flopping for nearly a decade now. It's not like she is such a big player these days. I mean, his last album, released this year, went no. 1 in the UK, her last album, released five years ago, was no. 12. So it's not like he is that washed up. The last paragraph seems pretty bitter.

Toya said...


Joe Cola said...

Leona Lewis hasn't seen a a nice paycheck since 2009. Toya, I know you wanted more for her but no one is checking for her like that. She's going to need a song with Beyoncé herself to get people talking again. In the meantime, those bills aren't going to pay themselves.

nil said...

Yeha I think this is the best thing that could happen for her...
although I dont really think planning a tour in 2021 is a good idea , given we don't even know yet how covid is gonna be

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