Mutya Buena slammed for saying J.Lo & Kylie Minogue ‘can’t sing.’

During a recent Instagram Live, Sugababes star Mutya Buena is reported to have criticised Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Minogue for their lack of vocal talent. 

She was later inundated with backlash from Kylie stans, which she later responded to in a profanity-filled rant. She told no lies. But as a fellow artist herself, it's not her place to publicly degrade another singer's vocal abilities, especially as there's always somebody else who will think the same about her.    

 Mutya on Jennifer Lopez:
“J.Lo, you can just shake your ass crack. Let’s be honest, she can’t sing. I’m not being rude. She’s an amazing performer, sexy as hell and looks great. But I’m not going to tell you J.Lo can sing. I’d be lying to you.”
On Kylie Minogue: 
“I don’t think she’s a singer. She’s a great entertainer, she’s amazing at what she does, but singing is not for her.” 
Mutya responds to the backlash:


Elle said...

Now.......what did she say that wrong?!?

Toya said...

She said nothing wrong but she was probably the wrong person to say it.

Anonymous said...

Rude and arrogant.