Covid-free Ashanti is healthy & raring to go #Verzuz

Hopefully, a covid-free result will now encourage Ashanti to sit her ass home like the rest of us and not do any more globe-trotting.

In exactly a week, she will participate in a previously postponed ‘Verzuz’ battle with Keyshia Cole on January 9th prior to her negative result. 

Just moments ago, she took to Instagram to update fans on her health, noting that her test results for corona came back negative a few days ago. 
A fan's social media went viral on the day Ashanti announced she had covid-19. They spent money on an ENTIRE party just for the occasion. We're talking balloons and a table full of food, almost as if they were expecting the girls to show up themselves! It's funny and sad at the same time. Hope they didn't go all out again. I'm just going to have my prawn cocktail pringles on standby with some sodas. How about you?