Jennifer Lopez serves toilet paper stage show for NYE performance.

The Covid year of 2020 was the year toilet paper was hoarded, and now we know where it all went. 

Jennifer Lopez was standing in a whole heap of it when she rung in 2021 with a live performance from Times Square during ABC's New Year's Rockin Eve. 

The singer, 51, performed her newest single 'In The Morning' before diving into her '90s hit 'Waiting For Tonight.' Soon after, she transitioned into an electric rendition of Aerosmith's 'Dream On,' finishing her performance with her hit song 'Dance Again.' She attempted to go for that Tyler note in 'Dream On' failing to impress, but could 2020 get any worse?

Issa no!
Full performance:

3 Comments: said...

Amazes me that she thinks she is a singer versus a dancer/performer. She has a very limited range and voice, yet she attempts songs that require an extended range and vocal acrobats. Do not get me wrong, I’m a JLo fan. I’ve copped all her records, but as a fan, I have to call her out. I get it, she doesn’t want to be dancing at concerts when she is 60. She needs to find a middle ground and songs that actually fit her voice.

Toya said...

Or she could ditch singing altogether at 60, because she can't be super old and shaking ass half naked forever. At least she'd still be able to do movies.

nil said...

This compared to Superbowl was reaallllyy bad it was her most boring performance everrr from beginning to end. What’s funny is that if this was Mariah it would be allll over the news. jlo gets alot of passes. But maybe its because people dont consider her a “singer”?