Keyshia Cole apologizes & new Verzuz date to be announced tomorrow.

Keyshia Cole has apologised for the second cancellation of her Verzuz battle with Ashanti. 

Meanwhile, Swizz Beatz jumped into the Shaderoom to say that a new and final date will be announced on Monday (tomorrow.) 

Unsurprisingly, people are lighting his ass up with, "keep it, we no want it no more," but can you honestly blame them? The hype is gone, Keyshia is fed-up, and Ashanti is probably planning another vacation as we speak! 


Lauryn said...

I'm not anticipating this one. I was hyped for Monica and Brandy but that was a huge let down. I really believe that would've been better if they did it from their homes. It was so boring to watch.

I'm not an Ashanti or Keyshia fan, neither can actually sing and I don't really know their personalities. So I don't know if it will be fun to watch their music is nice, but if it's going to be another snoozefest I'll find a playlist on Spotify.

barbie said...

i love both ladies , and Keyshia can sing what are you talking about

Lauryn said...

Have you heard them both live? I love their music, but they don't have the voices to sing live.

Anonymous said...

Neither one can SING & that's FACTS... #ThatPart