Meghan & Harry on reports they quit social media: "It's speculation."

According to The Sunday Times, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have banished themselves from social media. Supposedly. 

A "source" close to the couple say they are “very unlikely” to return to social media platforms in a personal capacity. The couple have encountered the fair bit of vitriol on social media, and Meghan has already spoken about the “almost unsurvivable” experience of online trolling. 

Not sure how this is news considering that they haven't been on social media for almost a year. 
They have never used Twitter or Facebook and their only social media account was Sussex Royal on Instagram. Matter of fact, their social media presence has literally been non-existent! 

A spokesman for the Sussexes' branded the news as speculation, but said that the couple would "continue to bring attention to improving the digital world in a more compassionate and trustworthy way." 
Social media can be very toxic, and brings out the worst in people. If they're avoiding social media for their own sanity, good for them.