Keyshia Cole's DJ explains her lateness to #Verzuz.

So the damage control begins. Keyshia Cole's DJ Craig Williams (responsible for the warm-up soundtrack) defends her reasons for being a super late show at her Verzuz battle with Ashanti this week. 

Apparently, she didn’t want to come out because her screen was blurry and she was waiting for the issues to be resolved before appearing on screen. There were other technical issues involved as well. Williams calls her a "perfectionist," and claims she was already pissed about the delays, which resulted in the delayed premiere of her her new single.

It's weird she was waiting for Verzuz to do the debut, but never released it to iTunes like.Ashanti did.with.hers. Why wait until next month? Why not strike while the iron is hot... on that ass? Anyway, all the excuses in the book won't wash now. She could have fixed her attitude and apologised. 

But I'm starting to think this is an illness and she can't help herself from self sabotage. Kinda like Azealia Banks. No one need wonder why Ashanti's career has seen progression, while hers is still stuck in the slump. There are stories out there,  folks not wanting to work with her because of her self entitlement and attitude problem. She dissed Beyoncé and Michelle Williams causing herself to be blacklisted by several big time producers. The Dream who confirmed his stance pretty much said his loyalty was with Beyoncé, and he wouldn't work with anyone who disrespected her in any way. 


Remmy said...

Swizz Beatz was just on Instagram Live with Timbaland and let's just say, he was clearly annoyed, without naming names, but I assume at Keyshia. He set a few new rules such as 1. Be on time, get there 2 hours before the battle starts. 2. If you are late, respect your audience and apologise 3. Have respect, no phones and no walking off or talking to people in the room. 4. No extended breaks. 5. No DJs talking or cutting up songs with scratching, and those were just a few. He was pretty funny and good spirited about it but you could tell he was playing either.

Toya said...

I'm not surprised. He was cutting up in the comments so he was definitely upset. The DJ was awful too. No blending or smooth transitions. The entire presentation was a disaster. Bad DJ, lateness, sound issues, technical difficulties and blatant unprofessionalism throughout. Hopefully they get it sorted or cancel it. I mean, it was only something to entertain everyone during lockdown anyway.