Lady Gaga's #inauguration performance rivals Whitney Houston's, according to...

Lady Gaga belted out the Star-Spangled Banner at the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. But what in the Hunger Games hell was she wearing?! Gaga was being extra as usual. She appeared nervous at first, but her confidence grew as she went on. 

According to singer/songwriter Charlie Puth, Gaga was serving vocals similar to that of 1991 Whitney Houston. So, so disrespectful. People are rightfully dragging him to hell and back. 

Gaga certainly did well with her performance. It was very Broadway-esque, and her vocals were very polished for the most part. But nobody is EVER touching Whitney's rendition. Do you hear me? NOBODY.

And just in case the tweet disappears (because you know it will), here is a screenshot:


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Lauryn said...

No way. She did good. Personally, I just don't like her voice. But to compare her to The Voice, gtfo

Toya said...

She CAN sing, but her voice lacks soul and does nothing for me personally. I'm getting my life from the comments though. Even her own fans are dragging him because they are pissed he set her up to get clowned.

Jasmin S Hall said...

I still prefer Lady Gaga's SuperBowl performance of the National Anthem over this version but considering how cold it was she did pretty good yesterday!

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