Monday, 11 January 2021

LeToya Luckett announces divorce #ByeTommicus

Good riddance to bad garbage! LeToya Luckett has announced she is divorcing her husband Tommicus Walker of three years. 

The couple who married in 2017, share two children together; 2-year-old Gianna and their newborn son Tysun. 

She did the right thing for herself and her children. There were rumours surrounding his alleged cheating and the state of their marriage for a very long time now. Glad she didn't subject herself to a life of misery by staying for the kids. Despite this being her second divorce in five years, there is still hope but now is the time to enter that process of mental healing. Wishing her all the best.


BoiNice said...

You would have thought she would took her time & got 2 kno him a lil better AFTER her 1st marriage ended in only 2 months

Toya said...

I think she probably rushed into this one because she was knocking at 40 and wanted kids before it was too late. I'm sure she loved him though.

BoiNice said...

ooh i remember a few years ago after the chris brown & rihanna "incident" & when rihanna took him back you post an interview of letoya saying something like some women "just don't wanna be alone" or "scared to be lonely" & i think that's why she rush into dat marriage

Mymy said...

I think she loves him but it was rushed. Separate from the cheating allegations, they had really bad communication issues on the show.

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