Lil’ Kim advocates Teyana Taylor to play her in biopic.

A Lil’ Kim biopic could very well be in the works, and the legendary Brooklyn rapper says Teyana Taylor could play her despite being from Harlem. Teyana paid tribute to Kim during a performance at VH1’s 'Hip Hop Honors' in 2016. Kim says she loves Teyana and that there’s nobody else in the industry at all but Teyana. An announcement regarding the potential biopic is expected to be made very soon.

I'm surprised she even wants a brown skinned chick to play her because Kim's self hatred is off the richter scale. She was fuming when Naturi was cast to play her previously because she was "too dark," when Naturi is only slightly darker than Kim's real skin tone (before the bleaching). 

Her delusion was amplified further when she said Latina singer and actress Christina Milian was a good fit. Who's next on Kim's radar? Karrueche Tran? 

It wouldn't surprise me.


Lauryn said...

I'm here for a Kim biopic (and Foxy) both have interesting stories. With a lot of lessons to learn.

But honestly, it's gonna take several woman to play Kim with all her 'looks'. I'd go for someone unknown though.