Monica: “Working on this album is a never ending process.” #WeKnow

Last October, Monica announced she was releasing her new album 'Trenches' on November 20th, 2020. Her new single of the same name debuted in August but the music video didn't premiere until November 26th. It should have been released in September shortly after her most watched Verzuz battle with Brandy took the web by storm. 

Now we're finding out she's still recording the album and nowhere near to finishing. Someone clearly doesn't want Monica to win. 

She tells fans on Instagram Live that the album has felt like a never ending process and that there’s so many sounds and subjects she’s toying with. The fact that she's still “toying” with sounds and subjects after previously announcing a release date is worrisome.


Anonymous said...

Why is beyonce in the hashtag???? Help me understand.

Lauryn said...

Seems like she's more in to being an IG model nowadays. She posts soooo many pictures. But no music... I didn't like Trenches and hearing this, she has no real plan for an album. I love Monica, but please do not make music, just to make music. Go back to the drawing board and come up with a vision and a concept first.