Will Britney Spears ever tour again?

Two years ago today, Britney Spears cancelled her 'Domination' residency.

She went on an indefinite hiatus due to her father's ruptured colon. Dude miraculously recovered enough to keep her finances hostage prior to him controlling her conservatorship. This being something she is now currently challenging. 

Britney has always loved performing. However, she seemed to have lost confidence after her epic meltdown in 2007. Her performance abilities had drastically changed. In more recent times, she appears to have had more fun on the stage so much that she performed a Vegas residency for five years straight, even agreeing to do more shows in 2019. Then her dad fell ill. 

Now she's boycotting her own career until her father is no longer co-managing her estate. Even if Britney finally gets her wish in having her father removed, would she even want to tour again? The next time she hits the stage she will be in her 40s, and recently, we've seen how happy and care-free she's been. Who knows though? After this pandemic is over, she may very well surprise us. 


Lil-unique1 said...

Real reason, she doesn't want to earn more money as he takes huges chunks of it. I don't disagree... why would you want to sing to the beat of someone else's drum and have no control over your own career?