Beyoncé showcases those curves #Bootylicious #IcyPark

Beyoncé is looking extra "Bootylicious" these days. Her latest Icy Park photos are causing quite the stir online, sparking speculation she may have had it "boosted." Did she really follow in the footsteps of Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian? If she did go down that road... well, a woman is going to do whatever it takes to make herself feel good. As evidenced, she's been showing out a lot more as of late. 

Check out her entire Icy Park photoshoot here


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Scoopz said...

Thats just age, squats and maybe a lil Photoshop. She gradually thickened out since becoming a mother, especially after the 2nd time. Its all natural and all in proportion.

Donpapillon said...

🙄 this is a toned version of her natural shape. Look at her body in bootylicious or in destiny’s child. This is her shape.

Toya said...

She had NO ASS in the Bootylicious video which is why people are questioning if she's had a BBL. She was ALL hips back in the day. Yes, some women fill out more after several pregnancies but her butt is much larger (and rounder) than it usually is. And the fact that she's going out of her way to show it off more is also rousing suspicions. Anyway she's a successful (and beautiful) 40-year-old mother of three kids. She doesn't need to be doing that imho.

barbie said...

looks good , but she has always had a booty

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