Keke Wyatt emotionally apologises for disrespecting black culture.

Keke Wyatt caught some serious backlash when she downplayed the oppression of black people, accusing them of complaining too much about racism. With the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor tragedies, it's understandable why folks would find her remarks ignorant and problematic. 

She's now crying. Apologising. No one's buying it. This is the same woman that defended her white mother's use of the N-word. She said what she said and meant it. 


Remmy said...

The whole thing was just embarrassing on her part. Do I believe someone with such a strong viewpoint on a subject as emotive as this can do a 180 in a week? No, I don't. Do I believe she deserves a chance at redemption? Yes, ma'am. Her conscious is on her, and I think that over time she will realise her error.

barbie said...

i cant stand her