Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Mariah Carey | 'We Belong Together' | Extended Valentines Mix ♫♫

Mariah Carey, who recently performed a late night Valentines mix of her 2005 classic hit, 'We Belong Together', releases an extended 7 minute version of the song. The tune remained at #1 for 14 weeks and was named Billboard’s Song of The Decade. MC  never just slaps a rent-a-rapper onto an original arrangement and calls it a remix. She'd always re-sing her remixes over a different production. Those vocal runs at the end were everything. 



nil said...

This is earcandy ! It’s so Good , even For a lamb sometimes it is so great she still can just suprise us with vocals and blow us away!

Anonymous said...

i'm glad she is still making music. when it's a Mariah remix, you know it must be something different and often pleasant. hope she is giving us a studio album, even it's a Caution part II. i enjoy caution too even though it may not be most vocally challenging for her.

Anonymous said...

This was beautiful! You don't hear much quality music these days and this reminds me of true music. She's a true artist.

Sven said...

Yaaaay I'm so glad the 7 minute and the normal lenght versions have been added to Spotify! *hits repeat*

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