The $aga of Gorilla Glue Girl continues...

Tessica Brown, the 40-year-old woman who put Gorilla Glue in her hair tells TMZ
she intends to use her GoFundMe money to buy wigs. Not medical bills, but f*cking wigs! Many are now calling for her GoFundMe to be pulled after it amassed a cool $20,000 beating its $1,500 target. Doctor Michael Obeng has agreed to treat Tessica for FREE. Multiple wig companies have offered them to her for free, and even Beyoncé's hair stylist has reached out. 

She's also hired a PR agent and sold all of her exclusivity rights to TMZ, so she's raking it. Hope she enjoys her 15 minutes because after all this is over, no one will care.


Anonymous said...

gosh, stupid people get famous and rewarded. those who funded should figure out a better use of their money....welcome to a world like this.