Beyoncé to Grammys: "NO PERFORMANCE this year!"

Beyoncé will not perform at the Grammy Awards this Sunday. It was her OWN decision not to perform, despite Recording Academy exec Harvey Mason BEGGING her to take the stage. They most likely thought that nominating her for maximum categories would make her appearance certified but she gave them the middle finger. “It’s unfortunate, because she’s such a big part of the Recording Academy,” Mason said of Beyoncé’s decision. “We absolutely wish we had her onstage.” She is the third most nominated artist of the year, and the third artist overall to decide not to perform at this year's ceremony. I'm glad she is boycotting and said no to them because all they would have done was use her for ratings.


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Anonymous said...

I don't know if that was Beyonce. It could be, either her or Ariana Grande, I think Ariana also had an issue with the Grammys a few years ago also.

Toya said...

Now that you mention it, you're right. It could very well be Ariana. I've re-edited. I remember Ariana's Grammy twitter rant 2 years ago.

Hugo Cloudi said...

Yeah, the Grammys are a joke. The secret committees and gatekeeping of genres Black folk built is unsurprising but still tragic.

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