Cardi B & Candace Owens Twitter spat intensifies #WAP

Conservative figure Candace Owens spent nearly five minutes on Fox News trashing Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s performance of ‘WAP’ at the Grammys. She claims it’s destroying America, and that it “feels like we are looking at corrosion, like we are about to see the end of an empire.” 

Hilariously, they were so outraged by the performance they pretty much showed it in its entirety.

Here's the thing, Cardi B is Cardi B. She has never hidden her past as a stripper, or what she stands for. She's always marketed herself as a bad ass sexually confident woman. It's no different from accepting the sky is blue. Candace and Cardi have become embroiled in a very lengthy back and forth on Twitter which is still continuing as of writing. It's been insult after insult and even threats of legal action have been thrown out (due to Cardi posting "photoshopped" tweets of Candace allegedly confirming her husband's infidelity with her own brother). Mess.

And here's the performance that has sparked off the fierce argument:


Donpapillon said...

I really hate that Cardi has spent so much time responding to someone dedicated to being obnoxiously rude and ignorant. She’s basically the Black Tomi Lahren. No point in engaging with those types of people.

Toya said...

I agree.