Grammy Tidbits: Beyoncé, Doja Cat, Chloe x Halle & Lizzo...

Doja Cat was the breakout star of 2020. Ultimately, this is what makes her Grammy snubs all the more grating. She missed out on Record of the Year, Best New Artist, and Pop Solo Performance. According to the ever outspoken Azealia Banks, this is karma for associating with alleged rapist Dr. Luke. 

More likely politics is the reason she didn't win one, and yes, she'd be within her rights to be a little upset. Doja was very much impactful on the music industry during these last few months. She exerted so much power. Not a soul didn't know her name, and she deserved to win at least ONE of her nominations. Azealia Banks? This bitter Betty is well renown for hating on other artists much more successful than her. It's actually more shocking she didn't come for Beyoncé after her historic achievement, but the week isn't over yet. 

Doja came dressed as some sort of alien cyborg for her performance of a remixed 'Say So' at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night.
Check out some of her looks from the night:
Doja and her dancers were surrounded by blue laser lights while channelling themselves after aliens coming down from another planet. During her Grammy performance she basically announced 'Planet Her,' so hopefully she can move on from 'Say So' for once and for all. 
Doja definitely did that. Her performances are reminiscent to old-school award performances when artists would go all out to serve intricate choreography and visuals. I know she must be so darn tired of performing this damn song. Chick really sang that song 500 times in 20 different genres only to walk away with nada. But despite a compelling performance and an appearance from Beyoncé, the Grammy Awards still could not maintain the viewership. Actually, it's worse. MUCH WORSE. The Grammy Awards drew its lowest ratings in history! Viewership fell 53% from last year to 8.8M viewers, according to CBS on Monday. Award shows are dying ya'll. All Covid did was shovel on the dirt. 

Speaking of snubs, fans were disheartened when Chloe x Halle were snubbed  for 'Progressive R&B Album', 'Traditional R&B Performance',  and 'R&B Song.' 
Given that the FIVE TIME grammy-nominated sisterly duo put their heart and souls into 'Ungodly Hour,' and got nothing, is it any wonder why the ceremony has now been rechristened The Scammy Awards? 

The First Ladies of all First Ladies Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton have both congratulated Beyoncé on her record of victories in Grammy history:
Love to see it, and her achievement is a moment for sure, but The Grammys still need to be called out. In deed, she made history, but the Recording Academy still failed her. It's worth noting that her only major category award was in 2010 with 'Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).' The year after she dropped one of the best R&B albums during that time too. 

As for her look:
With Bey being the most decorated artist in Grammy history, you just know she wasn't going to walk away in just one outfit: 
After the Grammy's, she was seen heading out to some restaurant for a celebratory meal.
I mean, who wouldn't want to celebrate?

Lizzo certainly loves her pales and pastels, and she looked nice! This seafoam green makes her skin pop. The beauty of melanin!
The dress looks a bit big, but the weight loss is very evident here. Kudos to her for trying to get healthier.


Donpapillon said...

The choice to not award Doja was definitely a political one. I’m sure she’ll be sweeping soon. At this point, she’s undeniable.