Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez deny they're splitting up.

In a strange turn of events, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are staying together despite reports of them splitting up. “All the reports are inaccurate. We are working through some things,” they said in a joint statement to TMZ. Apparently, they are just going through a rough patch and deny a third party was involved. Last month, there were rumours A-Rod had an affair with 'Southern Charm' star Madison LeCroy after the pair became friendly. As I stated previously, both of them going to couples therapy was a sign their relationship had hit the rocks. Personally, if their relationship isn't working they shouldn't drag out a break up just to give their children time to adjust. It just doesn't seem right. A-Rod is a cheater or is itching to cheat with a woman that is his actual type. Blonde and fair. That's why a woman shouldn't date a man if she isn't his specific type because there's a massive chance his head will turn as soon as his real type comes along (and sadly it did). None of the women he's dated in the past look like J.Lo and that serves as a massive red flag. Not sure why she's holding on to him for dear life. He clearly doesn't respect her, and a real break-up is only inevitable. A woman can only put up with a man's bullsh*t for so long. But good luck to them I guess.