Madonna does some "self reflection"... but not so gracefully

Madonna posts highly retouched/filtered photo in lingerie. Shock horror. Not. The 62-year-old pop icon committed some time to "self reflection" on Sunday while posing in lacy black lingerie for the ultimate thirst trap. Fans of hers are saying she should be able to pose in lingerie without getting slapped with ageism, but would you honestly be okay with this if it were your mother or grandmother?


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Donpapillon said...

I don’t think whether you’d be ok with your mother or grandmother doing it is so much of the issue with Madonna’s thirst trap .it’s just not a flattering look for her now. It doesn’t seem to come from a genuine place. It seems like she’s trying to prove something, and trying hard has never been a good look for a seasoned woman.

Mecha-Boy said...

I have to disagree. Though I'm not willing to see my family elders in racy shoots, I'd be delighted for them owning their bodies whatever their age or appearance.
I come from a very religious but also very sex positive/open minded environnement (let's just say, nobody's bored during the holidays, lol)...for us, desirability (is it an English word ?) is more than just checking common sociatal standards; it's also the way you carry yourself, your mind, how you treat the people around you, etc.
I get what you're getting at. You see pure desperation when I see something more complex than that. A woman who spent her whole life seeking attention and breaking rules and norms, what would be her most authentic self ? Acting the way she always did that brought her joys and accomplishment , or cowering miserably because strangers tell her she should be ashamed ?

Toya said...

It's about growing old with dignity and not going out sad. Is she going to keep doing this when she hits her 80s?

Remmi said...

I think to an extent, age is a social structure in the same way many argue the same about gender. One person's old and undignified is another person's contrary. I say do whatever makes you happy as long as it causes no physical harm or distress to anybody, regardless of thr number attached to your life.

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