Jesy Nelson reportedly at centre of £2million bidding war.

According to reports, Jesy Nelson is at the centre of a £2million bidding war as record labels try to sign her up following her split from Little Mix. 

She has been sharing photos of herself in the studio, and is said to be in very high demand. In March, Jesy signed a solo deal with global management firm YMU. Interesting. But are we completely buying this story though? Jesy was never the stand-out star of Little Mix the way Beyoncé was to Destiny's Child. Hardly anyone was like... "I can't wait for that chick to go solo." And ever since leaving the band she has taken up pouty selfies as a regular hobby. 

Not saying she lacks talent, but nothing about her screams star quality, and her vocals are nothing remarkable. They could lace her up with all the top producers, and the hype still may not come to fruition. Hoping this isn't the case because it's nice when someone can prove their naysayers wrong.