Keyshia Cole finds love again; responds to backlash for sharing hickey.

A few days ago, Keyshia Cole was criticised for oversharing when she posted a clip to her Insta Stories showing off a bright red hickey on her neck.

The hickey was given to her by a new boyfriend, and she captioned it, “Next time make it darker bae,” adding, “issa vibe.” At almost 40, folks told her that she was too “old” for her antics. But she hopped on Twitter to defend herself as seen below. 
It's nice she's found love again, and she's clearly excited to let the world know. She is giddy and acing like a lovestruck teenager. But folks are not wrong in feeling that sharing the hickey was a bit much. If I shared that on social media, my mom would be horrified.  

According to The Neighborhood Talk, her new beau is this chocolate hunk below:
The photo, posted last September, received a like from Keyshia.