Madonna preps 'Madame X' tour film announcement.

Earlier this week, Madonna attended the first screening of her concert film 'Madame X.' 

The 62-year-old pop icon was rocking a flamboyant Gucci get-up during the presentation, which she hopes to unveil on a much larger scale to her fans. A lot of fans were unable to see the tour after she limited it to smaller and intimate theatre settings. There were also several cancellations due to coronavirus restrictions. So this serves as welcoming news to them.

Perhaps fans get to see it in all its unfiltered glory too? Or is that asking for too much?


The B List said...

Do you all think Madonna will have a comeback?

You should do a special write up on their thoughts on what went wrong, for example the grills, the lacklustre music and videos, her cringe Instgram (that I think really ruined her legendary status), her face ( seriously does she have body dismorphia disorder), her butt implants ... I mean the list goes on.

Even her MET gala looks are sad compared to the other stars, especially in 2019 when it was about religion. Katy and Rihanna killed thier looks and we got a witch/goth look from Madonna. Like something is really off. Maybe it’s the young bf, all the YES people she may be surrounded by , narcissistic disorder? Do her children or family members let her know what she looks like?

It could be like the Britney Spears doc where they try to break down what went wrong.

I’m a huge fan and supply of Madonna, but it’s been hard to watch and understand the downfall of the Queen of Pop. Like it hurts to see her like this. The magic is gone.