Bennifer Part 2?! Former couple SPOTTED together #JLO

The biggest news this weekend is that... former couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been spending time together in Los Angeles, Page Six and People reports. 

Yeah, that's literally what my face looked like too. 

Affleck was reportedly spotted multiple times going to J.Lo’s California home. This pic of a shrivelled looking Ben flipping the paparazzi outside his house was taken as recently as January. Dude is still fighting with demons, so the return of Bennifer really shouldn't be celebrated at this point if it means such reunion won't end well. 

J.Lo only broke up with Alex Rodriguez like yesterday. This
woman either can't live without a man for 10 minutes or this is purely for attention being the fame whore that she is. Hope this is just a fun thing for them and nothing more. After all, nobody really is trying to hear another cheesy cringefest like this one below... as enjoyable as that album was back in the day.


Remmi said...

"Cheesy Cringefest"! The cheek, that was tune knocked, still does haha. I wish them the best in their new reacquainted, friendship or beyond.

Remmi said...

That didn't word correctly, stupid predictive text. You get the gist.

Toya said...

It sucked donkey balls but I'm glad someone appreciates it! 😄

Remmi said...