Doja Cat attends Billboard Music Awards & R&B win leaves fans fuming.

Doja Cat has seemingly been delegated to Twitter rapper after winning the award for “Top R&B Female Artist” at tonight's 2021 Billboard Music Awards. 

This is Doja's first Billboard Music Award, and the eclectic songstress happily posed on the red black carpet rocking a striped Balmain ensemble. Talent certainly won and folks are up in arms about it questioning why she is not being acknowledged as a rapper and how it would have been more appropriate to nominate her in the hip-hop category. 

No one will ever be happy with Doja winning awards. She’s either “not hip-hop, not rap, not R&B, not soul, not pop, not this, not that...” Moral of the story is... Doja is MORE than just a genre and can NOT be placed in one box. Doja Cat is EVERYTHING. Besides, 'Streets' is R&B, so she still deserves in this category, period.