Kelly Rowland: ❝Beyoncé & Michelle watched birth to Noah.❞

Would you give birth over a video call? Would you watch? 

Kelly Rowland said in an interview that her 'Destiny's Child' sisters Beyoncé and Michelle Williams watched on Zoom as she gave birth to her second son, Noah, earlier this year. 

The pandemic has certainly changed the way people do many things, but a Zoom camera exposing your birth canal would be a little too personal for most women. Why wasn't her husband being there not enough? Still... at least she could call little Noah a true Destiny's Child.


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Anonymous said...

They have a special bond, Tina Knowles say the 3 of them take exotic vacations all the time that no one knows about...

Toya said...

Special bonds are cool but for me personally, this was a bit much.

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