Lady Gaga celebrates 10 years of 'Born This Way' in West Hollywood.

Lady Gaga's album 'Born This Way' was honoured by the city of West Hollywood on Sunday. 

She stopped by to see a new street painting in tribute to her 2011 self-acceptance pop gem, while vamping it up for fans. The Pride-inspired design decorating Robertson Boulevard took place right outside the legendary LA gay bar The Abbey. 

She cites gay black religious activist, Carl Bean, as the inspiration for ‘Born This Way,’ and thanks the LGBTQIA+ community for the love they’ve shown her over the years. The 35-year-old's 2011 release sold more than 5.2 million albums, has been streamed 5.8 billion times and sold more than 31 million digital tracks!

A lot of LGBT+ youth didn't always get the love and support needed in their daily lives, and 'Born This Way' was one of the most inspirational soundtracks to their eventual acceptance.