Normani reminisces...

When success was great, it was really, really great. The good ol' glory days. Seems like a lifetime ago.

Normani has taken to Instagram stories to reminisce about her Fifth Harmony days. It was a time when she was in a pop entity that was well promoted and when their albums were released weeks after a new single had hit the airwaves. 

She has had to watch racist Camila Cabello get all the fanfare and success (thanks to a well prepared management team). It goes without notice that it's been two years since Normani dropped her official debut single 'Motivation,' but an album is nowhere in sight.


Anonymous said...

I think the group broke up too soon & Camilla came with Havana at the right time after 5th Harmony split.

I say all the time that people really don't give Destiny's Child catalogue/body of work the respect it deserves. 5H only had 2 or 3 songs that the general public actually knew. DC had 2 Classic albums(TWOTW & Destiny Fulfilled) before they officially disbanded in 2005. Plus, the Survivor era was their "Black Beetles era" that solidified both the group & Beyoncè as an actual brand in terms of endorsements. DC didn't break up after just 2 hits, they actually accomplished alot! But groups nowadays have a couple of "bops" & their label/management think they found the "Beyoncè" of the group & it's time for "the big break up announcement!"

Toya said...

"I think the group broke up too soon."


Toya said...

"DC didn't break up after just 2 hits, they actually accomplished a lot!"

See latest post.

The B List said...

What do you think is really going on with her solo launch? Two years ago, with all that momentum in the beginning and then now, “crickets’.

All those top photo shoots and promo just wasted. Will she simply ‘rinse and repeate’?

Are people still interested? The young folk and now two years older and have newer artists filling their playlists leaving her in dust.

I’m slowly losing hope, as I was excited to see her shine and grow into the next IT artist and role model.


Toya said...

She's probably going to end up like Melanie Amaro, another export of The X Factor USA. Difference is, she actually WON the first season in 2011, and they scrapped her debut album. She was eventually dropped from Simon Cowell's label. So she may never release an album. If she doesn't drop this year, I'm convinced it's never going to happen. Posting random photoshoots isn't going to hold up people's interest for much longer.