Britney Spears pretty much says ❝Adios❞ to performing again...

Britney Spears has had a good run. An amazing run. She was one of the most prominent performers of her time; the biggest ticket draw during her prime years. Some would say Britney was untouchable as a performer (or at least none of her peers were touching her back then.) Many Janet Jackson comparisons were derived. Award shows became dependent on her for ratings. 

I remember in my teens having to go college the following morning. I'd stay up late just to watch her perform at the VMAs, hence why she was once dubbed the VMAs queen. In news set to dishearten fans, Britney reveals she has “no idea” if she’ll ever perform again in a new Instagram video. “Am I going to take the stage? Will I ever take the stage again?” she asked, “I have no idea. I’m having fun right now. I’m in a transition in my life and I’m enjoying myself, so that’s it.” One of her sons have said that she may never return to the stage and she has already threatened to never work again for as long as her father is still in control of her fraudulent conservatorship. 

On June 23rd, Britney will appear virtually during her conservatorship court hearing to have her father removed. The truth is though, Britney was done performing over a decade ago. That much was evident after her epic meltdown in 2007. Shortly after, she performed 'Gimme More' at the VMAs and looked completely zombified. We saw a completely different performer. It was the first time fans had seen her riddled with fear and anxiety. Actually, she was crippled by it. 

She's been on a few tours since then, did a five-year Vegas residency. The confidence that once radiated from her high octane showings and fluid choreography were almost non-existent. She hasn't looked happy on stage in a very long time. So on that note, it's totally okay if Britney Spears wants to retire from the stage forever. She's worked her entire life, worked her ass off, given her entire life to the world. And now she's in a place where she should be able to enjoy her millions and have fun with her kids. She deserves it.