Chrisette Michele says it was "wrong" to perform at Trump's inauguration...

Chrisette Michele was sensationally cancelled by the black community after she performed at the presidential inauguration of disgraced Donald Trump in 2016. The backlash was hard hitting. Many respected artists refused, while others just didn't want to be a part of black tokenism. Whether it was done for clout, a lesson was learned. It's a turning point when an artist can admit to their wrongful decisions. 

 Below, she tells Terrell it was the "wrong thing to do":


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Elle said...

Um yeah..she's done in my book...I could care less about a Chrisette Michele... she's in the same category as Tina from Mary Mary

Remmi said...

Couldn't watch the interview, the guy is too annoying and seems fake. But yeah, good for Chrisette,always liked her.

Toya said...

The backlash was harsh as I felt she probably wouldn't have done it if she didn't need the money, but she must have known that's how folks would have reacted.

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