Jessie J | 'I Want Love' | Video Premiere

One night, a deflated Jessie J had an argument with an ex-boyfriend. This occurred after a major red carpet. The video for 'I Want Love' shows Jessie's point of view in regards to what happened after that argument. She went to a bar and had a drink with strangers. Maybe the visuals would have been more fun had she worn a tailored gold suit in a party setting with lots of cheesy dancing and a DJ setup. Disco’s resurgence/enduring influence has become a dominant force lately and a bit of boogying wouldn’t have gone amiss.


Jrocka said...

I love this song it has grown on me! And her vocals on this is insane

The B List said...

Great vibe.
Toya is right about the video though. I don’t understand how some artis miss the mark when they have a team.

Have you all seen the new Dia Lipa video, ‘Love Again’? That money should have been used towards any charity for people in need of
Omega 3. Lawd.