J.Lo & Ben Affleck enjoy a PDA-filled kissy kissy dinner | Snapshots

In new snaps, obtained by Page Six, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck packed on the PDA during a romantic dinner on Sunday (June 13th) at Nobu in Malibu, California. The public kiss was undoutedly all J.Lo's idea. Nobu is a known paparazzi hot spot and everyone knows J.Lo craves attention. No matter how established she is as a celebrity, she still craves the clout, particularly clout derived from dating a high profile man. Smh.


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nil said...

I mean she is free to do whatever i guess… but is that her son I see ? She already brought the kids around him?? Im sorry but that is just too much, i don’t care how deeply you missed each other

Consciousness Community said...

Nil I agree. I don’t generally care for the criticism towards her but I don’t think it is in the best interest of her kids to thrust them into this relationship so soon after her break up from A Rod. Secondly, I don’t know if a relationship that worked the second time around but that’s just me.

BoiNice said...

i'm convince dat she don't have REAL friends because their no way in hell they'll be letting her go out like this SMH jumping from relationship to relationship to relationship, it was okay when she was in her 20's & 30's without kids but she in her 50's now!!!!

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