Saturday, 26 June 2021

Mary J. Blige completely rules out doing a Verzuz battle...

Mary J. Blige says she doesn’t know what a Verzuz battle would do for her when she appeared on The Breakfast Club this week. In other words, it just isn't happening. A Verzuz battle with Toni Braxton would have been insane. Mary definitely has the catalog for Verzuz but it just wouldn't be fun. She doesn't have the personality for it. Mary has a traumatic past, and a lot of those songs are probably very triggering for her.



Remmi said...

She needs to lighten up a little, it's a bit of fun and a celebration of her career.

Mymy said...

It seems she is in a good place personally! I think they should just do what they did for Deangelo. She should just play her favorite song and have her friends with her.

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