Meghan Markle’s Dad: ❝Oprah exploited a weakened Prince Harry.❞

This woman gets so much flack for "ghosting" her father but ANYONE would disown their father for pulling this crap. In an explosive 60 Minutes interview, Thomas Markle accuses Oprah Winfrey of "playing Harry and Meghan to build her network" by "taking advantage of a very weakened man." He says his daughter is treating him worse than an axe murderer. Sad he doesn't realise that the only weakened man that's being taken advantage of is him - by Piers Morgan, The Sun and The Daily Fail - to smear his own daughter. 


Consciousness Community said...

I’m so tired of these white men desperate to bring Meghan down. These low lives only care about exploiting Meghan for their next check.

Toya said...