Aaliyah’s brother blocks fans on social media for supporting her digital releases...

Aaliyah's brother Rashad is on a blocking rampage today. He is blocking her fans (including her biggest fansites) on social media. This is because they have been supporting and celebrating the digital release of her 'One in a Million' album which arrived today on her 20th anniversary. 

A lot of them think that's a b*tch move considering that he (as well as her Estate) would not have had a problem with it if they were getting their cut. It's totally understandable why he is hurting, but Aaliyah fans needed this. They needed further access to her music in order for her legacy to stay alive. 

It has absolutely nothing to do with supporting her trifling ass uncle Barry Hankerson despite him reaping all of the financial benefits and her family getting screwed over. Of course her fans would prefer it if there was a way both parties could come to some sort of agreement, but it was never going to pan out that way. Sadly... it is what it is.


Remmi said...

Seems a bit childish. Everybody is talking about Barry being greedy and none of the cash going to Aaliyah's estate, but business is business, as cut-throat as it can be; he isn't doing anything illegal. Immoral, perhaps considering they're all family, but isn't the same thing happening for every artist that was signed to Black ground, Tank, Jojo and Toni Braxton included?