Beyoncé sends Birthday greetings to her idol Michael Jackson...

When Beyoncé didn’t include Michael Jackson in her little Virgo yearbook, fans of the King of Pop took it as the ultimate snub. Maybe this post will shut them up now that she's individually acknowledged what would have been his 63rd birthday today via her website. The truth is, Beyoncé's love for the late pop icon has never faltered. His influence has always been evident in her performances, videos and some of her earlier music. 

Happy Birthday to a remarkable legend.



Anonymous said...

Beyonce leave mr Michael Joe jackson alone
Stop pretending that you love him when you don't
Sending people on internet to destroyed his legacy
Not just destroy his legacy but also mock him
Leave that guy alone
We his fans no who is a haters and who truly loved him
Leave that dude alone
Stop posting stupid posting when we no is just fake love
Focus on your family with Jay z
Stop pretending that you love him
When we know you and your families talk evil about him
He was never related to you
He was never your husband
You both never had kids in past
Now tell me why are you paying those people to destroyed his legacy by all course to down grade him totally on social media
Leave that dude alone
He has been through a lot
Leave that guy
Other females celebrity don't do what you do
To go to an extent to destroyed someone legacy who is not hear
What we you gain
Is it publicity or people should be talking about you too
Or what
Leave that dude alone period
Stop sending people to stalked on him or talking about him on social media period