Britney Spears’ father fights HARD to maintain his tyrannical grip: ❝She’s mentally sick.❞

That iconic (and very hilarious) scene from 'Breaking Bad' where Walter White hunts a fly is Jamie Spears right now. He's like that annoying, pesky little fly hard to get rid of, and no matter what courses of action are taken to crack its defeat, the insect just comes back more buzzier, cockier and defiant. 

Britney's father is strongly objecting to her quest to have him removed as conservator as soon as possible. He went to court yesterday and said in new filed documents that the singer's personal conservator Jodi Montgomery went to him and declared Britney “mentally sick.” He implied Jodi (less than a month ago) talked about putting his daughter under a 5150 psychiatric hold prior to concerns over her behaviour and being off her meds. Montgomery strongly denies this. 

She says she DID call him with concerns just last month, but that was AFTER Britney's  bombshell testimony. Jodi's attorney also denies she played a part in Britney's admittance to a mental facility in 2019, since he's appearing to be putting that onto her as well. She was only a case manager at the time, and elaborates that only the conservator of the person would have had the power to do that. This man is sick. 

My gripe is this though, I'd assume the 5150 psychiatric hold would be something used as a very LAST resort when the individual has posed a danger to themselves and others and ALL other options had been exhausted. The only reason why he's accusing someone else of suggesting the 5150 psychiatric hold is because he probably considered it himself.