Chlöe Bailey officially announces debut solo single ❝Have Mercy.❞

Over the months, Chloe Bailey's home-made performance videos promoting (and singing the hell out of) other people's songs has been doing the rounds and met with very high critical acclaim. Now finally, she is ready to drop her very own debut solo single 'Have Mercy,' which has certainly been an anticipated wait to say the least. 

The 23-year-old, who is part of sisterly duo Halle x Chloe, unveiled the cover for the track, as well as a snippet, which first went viral on TikTok a month agoIt's nice of her to give so much love to other people's songs, but fans have been rotating that little snippet for a few weeks now. She has also released the pre-save link for the cut, which is coming later this month. Excited?


Joe Cola said...

It has hit potential. I can TikTok eating this up.

Anonymous said...

A1 Vocalist.... LOVE HER