Queen of Pop Madonna, 63, shares age-defying Birthday pics...

In the world of Photoshop wizardry, Madonna shamelessly shaved decades off her face when she released some heavily filtered pictures of herself on Instagram for her 63rd birthday. Props to the Photoshop editor for earning his stripes because he certainly got paid well for producing these!
When grandeurs of delusion intensify, this is apparently the result. LOL. Madge hasn't looked like this in over 30 years. I don't know who she thinks she's fooling. I mean, we know she consistently applies a hundred shades of filter to her pics, but this one has got to be the biggest lie yet. However, if her fans like it, I love it.


Remmi said...

Her head looks disproportionate to her body. Not the most flattering of pics, Happy Birthday to a living legend nonetheless.

The B List said...

I absolutely think it’s ridiculous.
Check out @ mixandmadge on IG. Made this to heal from the travesty we are forced to watch daily since her account was made. I am a true fan, and like many others we are constantly shaking our heads… daily. It sucks.