Jesy Nelson teases solo comeback; says she’s coming ❝sooner than you think.❞

Solo music is near. Following her departure from girl group Little Mix last December, Jesy Nelson took to Instagram yesterday evening to tease her "new chapter" with a video montage. The clip shows the pop star on shoots and working hard in the dance studio. Interestingly, the video shows her rocking at least ten layers of fake tan, and now she's catching flack for black fishing like crazy. St Tropez is about to go out of business. 

In the first hour of the video's release, it racked up almost 350,000 views. She recently removed all of her Instagram posts and unfollowed everyone on the platform as part of her comeback launch. Jesy clearly thinks she's going to have her 'Havana' moment, which is kind  of cute in a way. As long as she's not making any "history in the making" statements on Twitter, she won't get roasted if the track isn't all that (and possibly flops). However, I do hope the song matches the buzz and hype she's currently serving right now. 


The B List said...

As I’m in Canada, we never really hear about Little Mix or their music unfortunately.

I’ve always been interested in them as I have jammed to Wasabi many times at the gym and it just gets my tush going. Probably one of my all time favourites on my playlists.

Now, I am very interested in this girls music and I’m always keen on seeing group members fly solo to see what direction or success they potentially have.

There really is something off with her style that is off putting. It’s almost like looking at Madonna’s current filtered look lately. Anyone understand what I’m talking about?

Never any hate, just an observation.

CWB said...

Toya can you do a review of BET’s Encore girl group BluPrint ? I would love to hear your take on it

Toya said...

I've been meaning to listen to their EP but just not got round to it. I'll see what I can do next week.